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Photographic Moon Lanscape and
Welwitschia 4x4

Very Good Tour

Our cruise ship stopped in Walvis Bay and I decided to go on the Moon Landscape and Welwitschia tour with Red Dune Safaris because it offered more at a better price that the usual ship excursions. Our guide Elmar was wonderful and the vehicle was in great shape. We saw the stark landscape where Mad Max was filmed, ostriches, and the bizarre Welwitschia plant and even had time to go to Swakopmund. Jacques is very organized and puts together great tours at good prices.

Duration: 6 Hours
Price: ZAR3000.00 per person (min 2 people)
Transfers from Swakopmund add ZAR300.00 per person


  • Sunrise at the welwitschia plains

  • Discover the Moonlandscape 

  • Learn about Welwitschia Marabilis

  • Explore the ancient Swakop river valley with it's remarkable rock formations.

  • Lichen fields

  • Dollar bush & pencil bush

The Welwitschia plant, often reffered to as a "living fossil", is the only genus of the family Welwitschiaceae and order Welwitschiales, in the devision Gnetophyta. Welwitschia Marbilis is endemic to the Namid Desert.


This plant only has two leaves, these leaves never stop growing and are the only leaves that this plant will ever bear. They eventually become split, frayed and shredded into several well-seperated strap-shaped sections.


The largest specimens are no taller than 1.5meters, however the circumference of the leaves at contact with the sand may ecceed 8meters. Some individuals are as old as 2000 years!


Embark on this unique day tour from Walvis Bay or Swakopmund and see or LIVING FOSSIL! A 5 hour excursion into the Welwitschia plains that includes a light breakfast and transfers from your accomodation(Swakopmund at an additional cost).


You will experience the thrill of intrepidation as you navigate the dry riverbed of the Swakop River (only if there has been no rain). The huge boulders will render you speechless and the large acacia trees offer a welcome change of scenery compared to the arid welwitschia plains.


Your guide will meet you at your accomodation in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund at apro 05:00am. After a quick briefing we get into our 4x4 vehicle and depart.

From here you depart to the strange but beautiful Moonlandscape, an extremely arid area with Damara Granites that has been pushed through the Earths crust some 500 million years ago. We only stop once we reach the big welwitschia plants in ored to set up our gear and compose the best shot.

We will spend approx 2 hours taking photos of this unique plant and the surrounding area, then we enjou a cup of coffee with an assortment of cakes and sandwiches before heading into the Swakop river valley in search of wildlife.

We will stop briefly at Goanikontes Oasis and then at one of the best moonlandscape viewpoints where we will have some more time to explore and take photos of this amazing area.

From here we start heading back to you accommodation, stopping along the way to show you the lichen fields, dollar bush and pencil bush.



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