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Question: Are the starting times of the tours flexible?

Answer: Yes, usually we are able to adjust the starting time of any tour to your needs, depending on the tour you choose.


Question: Where do the tours start?

Answer: All tours start and end in Walvis Bay, but pickup/dropoff in Swakopmund can be arranged for an additional cost.

Question: Howmany peole do we seat in our 4x4 vehicles?

Answer: We usually seat a maximum of 4 adults per vehicle.

Question: We are a family with 2 adults and 4 children, will we travel in the same vehicle?

Answer: If some of the children are young, then we can fit upto 6 people in one vehicle.

Question:Do we get served food during the tour?

Answer: Yes, we do serve a light picnic lunch with drinks.

Question: What clothes should I wear?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes like trainers, and also prepare for very hot or very cold weather because the desert temperatures can change quickly. Always bring sun protection.

Question: Will we stop to take photos?

Answer: YES! We stop often to explain interesting things during our tours or to take a nice photo.

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