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Photo Safari: Sandwich Harbour & Pelican Point- Sunrise to Sunset

This tour isperfect for those individuals who want to get the best light for capturing photos. The tour has a flexible starting time with emphesis on sunrise and sunset.

You will see the thousands of flamingo (in season) at Walvis Bay, the pink salt lakes and then make your way to the dunes.

If the tide and time permits, then a visit to Sandwich Harbour is also included, there you will whitness massive dunes meeting the Atlantic ocean, enjoy refreshments before you continue on the tour.

You will also visit the Cape Fur Seal colony of Walvis Bay, either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the ocean tide on the day.

It is important to note that this tour is  NOT a photographic workshop, however your guide will have first hand knowledge of the best views and desert vistas to take photos.


It is advised to bring ND filters or polirising filters along to enhance your photos. Also please dress in layers as the temperature can change in an instant.

Duration: Sunrise to sunset (approx 12 hours)

Price: NAD5600.00 per person ( min of 2people)

This tour can be customized, so contact us to discuss the options.

Private tour option available at check-out


  • Flexible starting time for the perfect light, this is a customisable option.

  • Visit some spectacular dunes and vistas

  • Possibility to see local wildlife and learn about the history of this area

  • Flamingos at Walvis Bay

  • Pink salt lakes

  • Dune belt south of Walvis Bay

  • Wildlife viewing

  • Coolbox and lunch included

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