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Red Dune Safaris Namibia


Thank you for visiting our website, we are eager to hear from you and help you plan your Namib adventure.

Here is a little bit of our personal history:

The two brothers that own Red Dune Safaris are J.P Koch

and Jacques Koch. Growing up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the outdoors, beach, 4x4 expeditions and camping trips have always been the way that we spent time with family and friends. 

In 2013 Jacques and the family (Mom and Dad Koch) immigrated to Namibia (Mom was born in Namibia), while J.P remained in SA to finish studying tourism management. 

It was in 2014 that Jacques started as a freelance tour guide for local tour operators in Walvis Bay and thats when J.P decided that immigrating to Namibia and starting their own tour guide business was the next natural step.


Its never "that easy" and we eventually registered Red Dune Safaris in 2016. 

At this point in time, J.P was still living in South Africa and would work on the website, sourcing online agents and partnerships in the evenings and weekends, while Jacques did tours as a subcontractor and freelance guide. 

Eventually in January 2018, J.P also immigrated to Namibia with his wife, Nikki and Red Dune Safaris became a fully operational team.

Nikki is a qualified chef and is in charge of catering for the tours, she has a very good eye for detail and everything needs to be perfect all the time!

We are now a NTB registered tour operator offerring tours, safaris and shore excursions at Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, and the rest of Namibia.


We provide eco friendly, educational tours that focus on sharing as much information about our fauna and flora,history and culture, as possible . 

We the owners JP Koch and

Jacques Koch, lead the majority

of the tours. It is our mission to ensure that our clients have the best service possible.

We have a number of years guiding experience and tourism is our passion.We strive to lead tours that are entertaining, educational and conserve our enviroment . 

We offer a variety of guided  and self drive tours in the Erongo region that are very popular, however, the sky is the limit  and we welcome any route that you might want to  explore, that requires guiding. 

Some of our most popular tours are:

Sandwich Harbour  Guided tour -  Where massive dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean

Kayak & desert combo tour  -  Kayaking with  thousands of seals for the morning, then head into the Namib for a desert tour to  Sandwich  Harbour.

The Moonlandscape & Welwitschia -  Where we eplore ancient geology and see a living fossil.

Spitzkoppe guided tour - Explore this Namibian wonder for the day and get amazing photos.

Swakopmund Tour - Discover the beauty of this vibrant town as well as some of the history behind it.

Walvis Bay Tour - Explore everything that makes this town great!

Etosha Private Safaris - Discover the amazing wildlife and sunsets during this private safari experience.

 Photography Tours - We offer wildlife photography tours starting from Walvis Bay. Two options include big game viewing/photography and our desert/dunes photography tour.


With all our guided tours, we offer you some light refreshments that include various finger snacks, water, cooldrinks, and sparkling wine.


So, pack your sunblock, hicking boots and camera and join us for the adventure of YOUR lifetime


Sandwich Harbour Tour

Jacques, J.P & Nikki.

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