Our Shore Excursions

Our shore excursions are specifically planned around your itinerary whilst on holiday in Namibia with your particular cruise ship. With this in mind we offer various excursions that will cater for your specific needs, yet still provide you with adventure, discovery and wonderful memories of your stop over in Walvis Bay. 

We are very flexible and can accomodate 99% of the requests that you may have, so please contact us if you are uncertain if a specific tour will work with your timing schedule.

Please note our 50% non refundable booking policy for cruise ship shore excursions as of April 2020.

Shore Excursions

Sandwich Harbour Half Day Tour - 4.5 hours

Highlights Of Walvis Bay - 4.5 hours

Pelican Point Peninsula Tour - 3 hours

Pelican Point Peninsula Shipwreck

Swakopmund city tour - 4.5 hours

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